Horses that will be considered for inclusion in the Hall of Fame should be horses that are;

  • nearing the end of their careers;
  • retired from competition; or
  • are considered for nomination posthumously.

Horses should have also;

  • contributed to the excellence in dressage through their performance records in the dressage arena or their breeding records, or
  • served as ambassadors of the sport.

Relative Importance of Contribution
As is the case with individuals nominated for the Hall of Fame, horses whose careers contributed to the growth, development, quality, popularity and appreciation of dressage were the products of their times. The dressage training given horses and the opportunities for national and international competitions have evolved over the decades in which America has evolved. Horses may have competed prior to when American horses became consistently competitive in international arenas. The accomplishments of a horse that is considered for nomination to the Hall of Fame should be evaluated in the context of the time in which the horse was active. For example, a horse that won Horse of the Year honors through the levels but did so during the period in which the United States was not internationally competitive may be properly considered for inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

Type of Contributions
The criteria to be considered include,

  1. Competition records that demonstrate consistent and sustained excellence in international competition, including CDIs, World Cup competitions, World Equestrian Games, Pan-Am Games, or Olympic competitions. Competition records compiled when the horse was showing for the United States will be considered.
  2. Competition records that evidence consistent, sustained and successful national careers and represent excellence in the context of the stage of development of American dressage in which the horse competed. For example, a horse that was recognized as Horse of the Year at the highest levels but did not have a sustained international career may be considered.
  3. Serving as foundation stock, dam or sire, whose offspring have compiled records of successful competition, thereby influencing American dressage by improving the quality of American dressage horses.
  4. Attracting new participants, increasing the popularity of the sport and deepening appreciation of dressage in the United States by serving as an ambassador of the sport.

If you would like to nominate a horse for induction into the Hall of Fame, please complete the nomination form. Provide detailed information about the horse and its accomplishments. Please send any additional supporting material to halloffame@usdf.org


  • Nominations may be made by any current USDF PM or GM.
  • Current members of the USDF Executive Board and staff are not eligible for nomination.
  • USDF staff or members of the USDF Historical Recognition Committee may contact you for additional information or media.


May 1
*All nominations received after May 1 of the current year will be considered for the following year.

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