Group Member Organizations Volunteer Incentive Program

The Group Member Organization (GMO) Volunteer Incentive Program is a way for current USDF Group Members to earn recognition by volunteering with their GMO(s). 

Track your volunteer hours using the GMO Volunteer Incentive Program Hour Log below and have a current GMO officer or official of record with USDF (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, newsletter editor, webmaster, roster contact) validate your hours with their signature.  Once a milestone has been achieved, submit the form to USDF.

Hours can be carried over to the following year(s), allowing you to earn recognition as time allows you to volunteer.  Volunteer hours earned prior to the implementation of the GMO Volunteer Incentive Program (May 28, 2021) will not be recorded.

GMOs in Your Area

GMO Volunteer Incentive Program Hour Log

Milestone 1 Recipients

25 Volunteer Hours

Christine Lemoine, MA

Milestone 2 Recipients

50 Volunteer Hours

Milestone 3 Recipients

75 Volunteer Hours

Milestone 4 Recipients

100 Volunteer Hours