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Explore online education from our accredited providers. Each course is approved for USDF University and education credits are awarded upon completion and submission. Additional costs may apply.

Amelia's Dressage Academy; your online companion in your Dressage journey! Do you want to become a better rider? Are you struggling to train your horse? Via video, email, a monthly workshop, online courses, and online coaching, Amelia works to educate and train riders with correct Dressage training principles. Amelia is a competitive Grand Prix rider with Gold, Silver and Bronze USDF Medals. For additional resources from Amelia’s Dressage Academy, visit:
Free Videos Every Wednesday on YouTube
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Training at your fingertips. Learn from top experts with Dressage Today’s video on-demand training resource. Browse the USDF eLearning section for approved USDF University courses. Each Collection of videos is accompanied by a quiz to earn USDF University Credits. The link to each quiz is provided in the Description just below the Collection title.
My Horse University (MHU) was established in 2005 at Michigan State University. MHU’s courses provide a comprehensive and convenient learning experience for all horse enthusiasts. Caroline Hegarty started Equitopia International with the goal of creating a resource for horse owners that would provide relevant knowledge and experience all in one place. Equitopia offers online courses, webinars, podcasts, videos, live classes, and more, taught by some of the equestrian worlds’ leading experts.
A 6-month interactive online rider training program using Pilates principles presented by Janice Dulak. Increase your fitness and understand how to use your body effectively while riding. The program is available 24/7 with live conference calls. Team Tate Academy was developed by JJ Tate to discover your best self and fully embrace your role as a leader of your horse with instruction in classical dressage principles. Whether you are a junior rider, adult amateur, or a professional, you can decide how much support is right for you. Choose from 3 tiers of packages from Working Student, Apprentice and Trainer. Each tier provides an interactive experience to learn with JJ including instructional videos, educational PDFs and free auditor tickets for in-person events. In the higher tiers of membership, students will have the opportunity to participate in monthly Zoom meetings and video coaching.
Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD of Equine Nutritional Solutions, is an expert on applications of nutraceuticals for horses. As an authority in the field of equine nutrition and performance, Dr. Kellon’s courses specialize in horse care, nutrition and management. Wy Dressage Academy is designed to provide you hands-on-tools to enhance your ability to recognize crucial equine conformation and movement elements, giving you enriched insight as a buyer, breeder and trainer. Each module can be studied at your convenience and pace, it’s your choice. You will have the chance to ask all your questions specific to your situations throughout the course. There will be fun “assignments” designed to help you apply the tools taught in each module.  The final project will be an opportunity for each participant to evaluate a horse of your choice and receive feedback on your evaluation. This exercise is a fun way for you to really prove your new skills.
  • Four Training Modules - all pre-recorded so you can view at your convenience
  • Two Question and Answer Modules - also pre-recorded (Final Q&A will also include summary of course)
  • Fun activities - opportunity for you to apply your new knowledge (optional)
  • Final Assignment - opportunity for you to evaluate a horse of your choice using the tools you’ve learned in this course and receive feedback on your evaluation. Horse owner permission required. (optional)
  • Private Facebook page: to allow further interaction, discussions, fun tips, sharing experiences in the course, etc.
Why Conformation and Movement Matter when Buying Breeding or Training a Dressage Horse
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