GMO SafeSport Resources

USDF supports a dressage community where participants can learn, compete, and work in an atmosphere that is free of all forms of emotional, physical, and sexual misconduct. USDF encourages all those involved in dressage to become educated about SafeSport best practices.

The following information is available as a resource to help Group Member Organizations (GMOs) establish SafeSport best practices.

USDF SafeSport Policy

The USDF SafeSport Policy is available in the USDF Policies & Procedures in section II.G (starting on page 8). This policy outlines those volunteers in leadership roles that are required to complete and maintain SafeSport Training. GMOs are encouraged to use this policy as a guideline for establishing SafeSport best practices of their own.

SafeSport Training Provided by the US Center for SafeSport

For those who wish to participate in the SafeSport Training (and are members of USEF) this can be accessed via the USEF website and the membership dashboard. This training is free when accessed via this method. The training is also available directly from the US Center for SafeSport, but fees may be involved.

Education of Parents & Youth

The US Center for SafeSport has many resources for available for Parents and Youth.

Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP)

GMOs should be familiar with the MAAPP and work to incorporate these policies into their best practices. It is suggested that all youth activities take place in an observable and interruptible environment. It is also suggested that any communication between a Youth member and an adult volunteer include the parent and/or a second adult (emails, texts, etc.) This would include telephone conversations that are in an observable and interruptible environment. Sample language is provided regarding “informed consent” for minor athletes participating in activities.

GMOs may use these additional guidelines as a template when creating SafeSport and MAAPP protocols/policies of their own.

Who Should Participate in the Training

While all members of a GMO should be encouraged to participate in the training, it is suggested GMOs establish best practices for the following:

  • GMO Leadership (officers and board members) – any GMO member in a leadership role should be encouraged to participate in the training, particularly Youth contacts.
  • Youth Activities – it is suggested key volunteers for any Youth activity be encouraged to participate in the training, this would include instructors/trainers for mounted and unmounted activities.

Resources Available

The US Center for SafeSport and USEF have many resources available. You may also find these resources on the USDF website. Questions may also be directed to USDF at