USDF Announces Instructor Certification Program Expansion

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, December 20, 2005

During the 2005 Annual Convention and Symposium, the USDF Executive Board reaffirmed its commitment to the expansion of the Instructor Certification Program with two additional categories being added.  The purpose of the new categories of certification is to open the program to instructors who are no longer able to ride at the appropriate levels of certification, but are still qualified to teach at these levels.  Applicants will be required to provide scores from US Equestrian recognized competitions to demonstrate previous proficiency in riding at the appropriate levels. Candidates may apply to become a Recognized Teacher at either training through second level, or third through fourth level.  The new categories of certification should promote further education of instructors and improve the quality of dressage instruction in the U.S.        

Effective April 1, 2006, the following additional categories will be available:

USDF Recognized Teacher; Training through Second Level:  This category recognizes instructors who have demonstrated competence in teaching riders through Second Level.

USDF Recognized Teacher; Third through Fourth Level:  This category recognizes instructors who have demonstrated competence in teaching riders through Fourth Level.

Candidates pursuing Recognized Teacher status will be subject to the same application criteria as the Instructor/Trainer categories and will be tested under the same guidelines with the following exceptions; passing scores must be at least 80% and there will be no riding test required.  Complete criteria and applications are available on the USDF Web site at

With the additional of these two categories, there will now be a total of five categories available for USDF Instructor Certification:
USDF Instructor/Trainer; Training through Second Level,
USDF Instructor Trainer; Third through Fourth Level
Associate Instructor
USDF Recognized Teacher; Training through Second Level;
USDF Recognized Teacher; Third through Fourth Level

The USDF Instructor Certification Program is designed to set a standard of excellence in dressage training and instruction in the United States.  Instructor Certification identifies those instructors who have demonstrated the knowledge and abilities necessary to teach the classical concepts of dressage and meet specified standards of proficiencies.

If you would like to receive more information about the USDF Instructor Certification Program, contact a USDF Certified Instructor, receive a calendar of USDF Certified Instructor Workshops and testing sessions, or obtain details on hosting Certified Instructor Workshops, visit or contact Kathie Robertson, USDF Instructor/Trainer Liaison  at (859) 971-2277 or

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