USDF to Honor Sport Horse Breeders with New Year-end Award Program

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 10, 2005

USDF is pleased to announce the new USDF Breeder of the Year Award program, which will be initiated for the 2006 Competition season starting October 1, 2005.  This is a year-end award, based on performance in a given competition year.  Breeders of dressage performance horses and breeders of dressage in-hand horses will be able to vie for top honors.  Scott Hassler, Chairperson of the USDF Sport Horse Committee states: "Over the last few years, a tremendous amount of attention has been focused on young horses in competition and breeding. I am very excited that USDF now has an award to recognize the hard work and accomplishment for the breeder."

During the past three years, USDF has increased the exposure of breeders through statistical reports published in the USDF Connection and in show results published in the USDF Connection and on our Web site,  In addition, this information has been published in the USDF Awards Banquet book and the USDF Yearbook (March issue of the USDF Connection.)

Realizing that it is important to recognize successful dressage sport horse breeders, the USDF Sport Horse Committee, in concert with the USDF Information Technology Department, has formulated a very ambitious program, the details of which are available on our Web site and from the USDF Competitions Department.  The program details and eligibility requirements will also be included the 2006 USDF Directory.

The award is designed so that small as well as large breeders can participate.  To qualify, a breeder MUST have between two and five horses competing in either the performance or DSHB categories.  If a breeder has more than five horses competing in either category, ONLY the points earned by the top five in that category will be used for the purpose of this award.
Points are assigned to all horses ranked in HOY and FEI Young Horse Year end award categories for the Performance Breeder Award and to all horses ranked in DSHB HOY and Materiale HOY awards for the DSHB Breeder award.  The top five breeders in each of the two award categories will receive recognition certificates from USDF.  However, all breeders meeting the eligibility criteria will be ranked and listed on the USDF Web site,  (third item from the top). 

Breeders can be foreign or from the United States. A  breeder must be a USDF member (any category, including GMO) by September 30th 2006 in order to be eligible for the 2006 awards.

Breeders are reminded to check their USDF "Breeder's Portfolio" on the USDF Web site to ensure that all horses they have bred that compete in performance or in-hand classes are in their "portfolio" list.

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