USDF Congratulates 2010 GMO Award Winners

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to congratulate all of the winners of the 2010 Group Member Organization (GMO) Awards, which were presented during the Board of Governor's General Assembly at the 2010 Adequan/USDF National Convention and Symposium in Jacksonville, FL.  These awards are given annually to recognize outstanding achievement within USDF's GMO community.  Recognition is given in the following categories: GMO newsletter and Web site layout and design, first person experience articles, and general interest articles.
Also recognized are the Grow Your GMO Challenge award winners--GMOs who have had the highest percentage of growth in members over the past year.  In addition to honoring award recipients during the Board of Governor's General Assembly, the recipient of the Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund grant was also acknowledged.  This grant provides financial assistance for one USDF group ember to attend the Adequan/USDF Annual Convention.
2010 winners:
GMO Newsletter Awards:

GMOs with less than 75 members:   First Place: Brazos Association for Classical Horsemanship, BACH Notes, March 2010
 Honorable Mention: Crossroads Dressage & Combined Training Association, The Crossing, February 2010

GMOs with 75 to 174 members: First Place: Southern Eventing and Dressage Association, Off Course, July/August 2010
 Honorable Mention: NEW Dressage Association, Forward, May 2010

GMOs with 175 to 499 members:  First Place: Northern Ohio Dressage Association, NODA News, June 2010
 Honorable Mention: Houston Dressage Society, HDS Collective Remarks, July 2010

GMOs with 500 or more members: First Place: Central States Dressage & Eventing Association, Cross Country, November 2009 and May 2010
 Honorable Mention: New England Dressage Association, A Tip of the Hat, November 2009 and May 2010

First Person Experience Article: First Place: Lehigh Valley Dressage Association, Lehigh Valley Dressage Association Newsletter, July 2010: From Relaxation to Collection with Charlotte Bredahl-Baker; My Experience at the Ault Region 1 Clinic by Gail Carpency
 Honorable Mention: Indiana Dressage Society, The Indiana Dressage Society, April/May 2010: Dr. Gerhard Heuschmann Clinic – A Personal Experience by Deanne Bertram

General Interest/Informational Article: First Place: Kentucky Dressage Association, Impulsion, April 2010: Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine in Horses by Scott Hopper, DVM, MS, DACVS
 Honorable Mention: Central States Dressage and Eventing Association, Cross Country, May 2010: Platinum Performance/USDF Adult Clinic Series by Lydia Major

GMO Web Site Awards:
GMOs with less than 75 members: First Place: Crossroads Dressage & Combined Training Society (
 Honorable Mention: Little Egypt Dressage Association (

GMOs with 75 to 174 members: First Place: Maryland Dressage Association (
 Honorable Mention: Central Florida Dressage (

GMOs with 175 to 499 members: First Place: Central Vermont Dressage Association (
 Honorable Mention: Northern Ohio Dressage Association (

GMOs with 500 or more members: First Place: Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association (
 Honorable Mention: North Carolina Dressage & Combined Training Association (

Ruth Arvanette Memorial Fund Grant
Nettie Olsen (Keller, TX – Fort Worth Dressage Club)

Grow Your GMO Challenge:
 GMOs with less than 75 members: Central Florida Dressage – 47.7% growth
GMOs with 75-174 members: Connecticut Dressage & Combined Training Association – 41% growth
GMOs with 175-499 members: Commonwealth Dressage & Combined Training Association – 34.4% growth
GMOs with 500 or more members: Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association – 4.8% growth

For more information on GMOs in your area or GMO award programs, please visit the USDF Web site at, or contact the USDF GMO Committee liaison at 

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