USDF Announces Young Riders to Represent the United States at the 2005 North American Young Riders' Championships

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce the advanced young riders selected to represent the United States in dressage at the 2005 North American Young Riders' Championships (NAYRC), held July 26-31 at  the Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, Virginia. The NAYRC is the premier competition for young riders, ages 16-21, in the three Olympic equestrian disciplines of eventing, dressage, and show jumping. Riders from each Canadian province, United States Equestrian Federation zone (for show jumping), USDF region (for dressage), and United States Eventing Association area (for eventing), as well as from Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and Bermuda, are invited to compete via each country's national equestrian federation. The broad range of competitors attending the championships produces an Olympics-like atmosphere.

To be selected to compete at the NAYRC, dressage riders must compete in a minimum of three official NAYRC qualifying competitions at the FEI Young Rider level during the qualifying season and must obtain a minimum 60% average. The riders with the top four qualifying averages in each region are placed on an NAYRC team and selected to compete. This year more than 120 young riders have been vying for a spot on their regional team.

The following riders will be representing the United States in dressage at the North American Young Riders' Championships:

Region 1 Malone, Catherine Michigan  69.034  
Region 1 Clonginger, Madison Windvogel  64.174  
Region 1 Rowland, Danielle King D'Azur  63.487  
Region 1 Duszlak, Catherine Mandamus  61.675  
Region 1 Clark, Sarah  Indrah   61.249  Reserve

Region 2 Sprieser, Lauren L'Etoile 6  68.280
Region 2 Barteau, Kassandra Gabriella  67.899
Region 2 Hamilton, Kaitlyn Noviembre  66.833
Region 2 Nichols, Allie  Lexington  64.956
Region 2 McCarthy, Heather Wella   63.699  Reserve

Region 3 Murray, John  Festival  65.914  
Region 3 Rogers, Adrienne Milky Way  64.997  
Region 3 Robertson, Megan Leopold  63.280  
Region 3 Moran, Erin  Columbo  62.210 
Region 3 Fox, Ashley  Fabiano  60.283  Reserve

Region 4 Mahlen, Erica  Angelo   65.663

Region 5 Wood, Anna  Novarredo  67.071
Region 5 Haney, Tyler  Phoenix  66.400 
Region 5 Gregg, Megan  Verden   62.586 
Region 5 Romano, Leigh Dominos Jongleur 61.614  

Region 6 Chapeski, Olivia Joust   66.231
Region 6 Schleining, Lara Luzelma  65.519
Region 6 Seburn, Chelsea Rolex   64.133
Region 6 Yates, Taryn  Orisis   63.839
Region 6 Perry, Natalie  Rubina   62.528  Reserve

Region 7 Judy, Dani  Antaeus  68.111
Region 7 Evans, Skyler  Jazzman  67.097
Region 7 Schempp, Ashley Mowgli  65.714
Region 7 Mondavi, Alycia Hes. Disney  65.386
Region 7 Masiel, Caitlin  Melvina  64.783  Reserve

Region 8 Cullen, Hayley Grammatik  65.509 
Region 8 Proll, Dennis  Kharisma  64.908 
Region 8 Peterson, Ashley Augustus  64.356 
Region 8 Gaskell, Emma Figaro   64.056 
Region 8 Jahl, Christina  Mango   62.434  Reserve

Region 9 Christy, Sarah  Rock Star  67.903 
Region 9 Stucker, Andreanna Poetry In  66.420 
Region 9 Garrett, Amanda Jashmir  61.663 

Complete qualifying results can be found at Additional information concerning the North American Young Riders' Championships can also be found at If you have questions about the program, please contact Sheila Forbes, USDF Director of Programs, at (859) 271-7879 or

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