USDF Convention - Governance from Alison Head: Delegates and GMO Presidents

For Immediate Release
Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Delegates (GM and PM) and GMO Presidents:
As we approach the 2008 USDF Convention, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide some information regarding the governance restructuring project that was begun earlier this year.
As you may remember, one of the goals of USDF's strategic plan was to take a serious look at USDF's governance structure.  The objective of this review is to not only improve the governance process through better communication and more informed decision making, but also to create a governance system that is more efficient, cost-effective and able to take USDF into the future.  To enable this review,  the USDF Executive Board established the Committee on Governance, of which I am the chair.
To date, the Committee has had one face-to-face meeting and two conference calls.  Following the meeting, a preliminary report was sent to the Committee members.  This report has been revised, but is still in draft form.  It has not yet been distributed beyond the Committee.  In addition, to help develop some of the more difficult issues, two working groups were established and are currently hard at work.   Their ideas will be added to the report and discussed by the Committee.
The following are important points regarding the Governance project:
1.  There will be no vote on governance issues at the 2008 USDF Convention and no related Bylaws changes will be put forth. 
2.  Discussions within the Committee and with the Executive Board and other volunteer leadership will continue in 2009.  Input will be sought from the membership and the Committee's proposal will be modified as needed.  The Committee recognizes the need to involve all USDF stakeholders in these important discussions and intends to do so as soon as a more fully-developed proposal exists.
3.  The Committee continues to believe that the GMOs are the cornerstone of USDF and is committed to continuing GMO representation in the governance process.
I am pleased that Delegates are taking an active interest in this endeavor and hope to have a lively discussion once the proposal is ready to be presented.
Alison Head, Chair, Committee on Governance.

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