Improved Requirements for USDF University Diploma

For Immediate Release
Thursday, February 14, 2008

          Lexington, KY (February 14, 2008) - The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce lower credit accumulations to earn a USDF University Program Diploma.  New criteria for the program were approved at the 2007 Adequan/USDF Annual Convention in Orlando, FL, and take effect April 1, 2008. 
          Certificates for the USDF University Program will now be awarded at the following levels; USDF Certificate (15 credits), USDF Diploma (30 credits), USDF Bronze Diploma (45 credits - reduced from 60), USDF Silver Diploma (60 credits - reduced from 120), USDF Gold Diploma (75 credits - reduced from 180), and the two newly created levels of USDF Platinum Diploma (90 credits) and USDF Diamond Diploma (105 credits).
          Under the new program requirements, all pre-registered attendees/auditors at any USDF approved program will receive USDF University Credits.  In addition, participants in USDF Adult Clinics, Junior/Young Rider Clinics, Instructor Certification Workshops, "L" Program, and Sport Horse Seminars will now receive four credits for participating as opposed to the previous two.
          Attendees at all off-campus university programs will still be required to pay a five dollar processing fee as in the past with credits being awarded as follows: one-half credit for a half-day program, one credit for a one-day program, and one credit for each additional day of a program. 
          Kathie Robertson, USDF Senior Programs and Education Coordinator, stated, "USDF is very pleased to be able to provide additional opportunities for our members to receive their diplomas and hope these changes within the program motivate them to continue their education and expand their knowledge."

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