Rule Change Affecting Regional Championships

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 8, 2007

          Lexington, KY (October 8, 2007) - A USEF extraordinary rule change effective October 15, 2007, recently approved by the USEF Executive Committee will now allow more classes to be listed as qualifying for the upcoming year.  The rule change, which was recommended by the USDF Regional Championships Committee and supported by the USDF Executive Board, was developed in part to address the growing number of restricted classes required by USEF's Developing programs' criteria.  Classes such as the USEF Developing Horse, USEF National Young Adult "Brentina Cup", and FEI Young Rider Grand Prix (for 20-25 year olds), are all examples of tests being created for developing dressage programs both by the USEF and the FEI. The Regional Championships Committee, by recommending this rule change, is being responsive to these recent developments at USEF, as well as an overall emphasis in young horse and young rider development, and the "pipeline" for our future dressage stars.  
          This rule change will also allow other types of restricted classes to be listed as qualifying, including classes restricted to maiden horses, novice riders, children, or junior riders.  In the past, the format allowed for qualifying classes was limited to Adult Amateur, Open, or Jr/YR designations and other restricted classes were not eligible.  The only listed exception to this rule includes classes restricted to a type of breed, or "breed-restricted" classes. These cannot be offered as qualifying.
          As always, only competitions classified by USEF as Dressage Competitions, which are open to horses of all breeds, may offer qualifying classes and each USEF/USDF Qualifying and/or Championship class must be identified in the prize list and in the competition results.  Management with prize lists that have already been distributed must adhere to USEF GR1404 "Changes in Prize List" to add the qualifying designation, and the USDF office must be notified of these changes in writing prior to the competition.
          Classes that can be used for qualifying must be from the highest or single test of the level or included in a USDF-approved list of classes.  The complete list is as follows:

Training Level Test 4
First Level Test 4
Second Level Test 4
Third Level Test 3
Fourth Level Test 3
FEI Prix St. Georges
FE I Intermediate I
FEI Intermediate II
FEI Grand Prix
USDF First Level Freestyle
USDF Second Level Freestyle
USDF Third Level Freestyle
USDF Fourth Level Freestyle
FEI Intermediate I Freestyle
FEI Grand Prix Freestyle
FEI Pony Team Test
FEI Pony Individual Test
FEI Junior Team Test
FEI Junior Individual Test
FEI Junior Freestyle
FEI Young Rider Team Test
FEI Young Rider Freestyle
USEF National Young Adult (Brentina Cup)
USEF Developing Horse
FEI Young Rider Grand Prix 20-25

          For more information, contact the USDF Regional Championships Coordinator at or by phone at (859) 971-2277. 

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