The USDF Guide to Dressage Book Release Announced

For Immediate Release
Thursday, March 9, 2006

The United States Dressage Federation (USDF) is pleased to announce the release of The USDF Guide to Dressage. USDF has partnered with author Jennifer O. Bryant and Storey Publishing in order to bring dressage to a wider audience. The book will give greater opportunities to interest individuals in the sport of dressage.

"This is a wonderful book that 'opens the door,' allowing many to enter and experience the world of dressage," USDF Vice President George Williams comments in the foreword of the book.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the sport, The USDF Guide to Dressage leads riders through the training scale and a full course of exercises, from pre-Introductory to Second Level. The book is illustrated with easy-to-follow photographic sequences, all presented in full color and demonstrated by respected riders, competitors, and USDF-certified dressage instructors.

This authoritative guide includes the dramatic and colorful history of dressage, an overview of proper terminology and equipment, as well as information on competition, cross-training for other disciplines, management of the dressage horse, rider fitness, and more.
Dressage is an intricate ballet of athleticism and grace, demanding precise movement and excellent communication between horse and rider, is particularly appealing to the growing group of "Baby Boomer" riders who are looking for opportunities to expand their riding skills and knowledge without the physical challenges and risks involved in jumping and racing. Whether they've been in the saddle for years or are just taking up or renewing their riding practice, these eager riders will find The USDF Guide to Dressage key to building a more satisfying relationship with their horses.

Books will be available April 17, 2006 and can be pre-ordered through the USDF merchandise department at (859) 271-7892. Click here to download an order form.
(author bio)
Jennifer O. Bryant is the editor of USDF Connection, the member magazine of the United States Dressage Federation. She is the author of Olympic Equestrian: The Sports and the Stories from Stockholm to Sydney and co-author of A Gymnastic Riding System Using Mind, Body & Spirit. A longtime dressage rider and horse owner, she has competed through the FEI levels and is a USDF bronze and silver medalist.

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