Sport Horse Committee


To foster and advance the breeding and development of the highest quality dressage sport horses and to promote a strong foundation for the dressage sport horse development pipeline in the United States.


  1. To educate breeders, owners, buyers, handlers, trainers, and judges about the ideals of both dressage sport horse prospects and breeding stock.
  2. Encourage and acknowledge the efforts of USDF member breeders in producing the highest quality dressage sport horse.
  3. Provide dressage sport horse competition management, owners, and breeders with competition guidelines and opportunities.
  4. Promote USDF horse recordings and tracking of competition results.
  5. Nurture and develop future generations for the dressage sport horse breeding industry.
  6. Review and update all proposed USDF sport horse scoresheets and instruction documents.


  1. Review the tagline currently used in ads “Recognizing quality bloodline and dressage prospects across the nation”.
  2. Implement the online educational module on materiale classes.
  3. Develop outreach efforts to show management to include 2021 program changes and to encourage better inclusion/promotion of the materiale classes, the Three-Year-Old Prospect Award, Four-Year-Old Prospect Division, as well as the Adult Amateur and Jr/YR handler classes.
  4. Continue USDF Sport Horse Education Programs through either in-person or online options depending on USDF Executive Board recommendations for the 2021 calendar year.
    1. USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forum and/or alternative virtual options
    2. USDF Youth/Young Adult Dressage Sport Horse Breeders Seminar and/or an alternative virtual option
    3. USDF Sport Horse Handler’s Clinic and/or an alternative virtual option
    4. USDF Sport Horse Seminar and/or an alternative virtual option
  5. Continue the USDF Sport Horse Youth/Young Adult Ambassador Program.
  6. Investigate the possibilities of a certification or recognition program for sport horse handlers.
  7. Evaluate the potential for an additional tier(s) to the USDF Breeder of Distinction Award that includes dressage performance classes.
  8. 8. Continue evaluation of an Adult Amateur and Jr/YR handler championship division.


Position Region Name & Email Phone Fax
Chair 6 Kristi Wysocki (303) 324-3143
Advisor 1 Natalie DiBerardinis (802) 356-6900 (410) 658-9228
Advisor 7 Christine S Traurig (760) 931-9477
Liaison 2 Katherine L. Robertson (859) 271-7877 (859) 971-7722
Youth Ambassador 1 Caitlin Gallagher (484) 226-7366
Member 1 Janine W Malone (919) 269-7307
Member 1 Christine Louise Smith (540) 664-0234
Member 1 Melanie A. Sloyer (610) 420-2535 (610) 873-3045
Member 2 Susan Mandas (937) 272-9068
Member 2 Megan R Dischler (920) 265-2145 (920) 662-9397
Member 4 Deborah J Davenport (785) 218-8492
Member 5 Anne Sparks (505) 873-9043
Youth Ambassador 5 Shea Christine Johnson (915) 240-3710
Member 7 Melissa Creswick (559) 250-1226 (559) 323-9769
Member 8 Kathy Hickerson (603) 673-4344 (603) 672-0139
Member 9 Regina Milliken (985) 630-3418 (847) 888-1255
Youth Ambassador 9 Erin Bell-Altman (210) 870-3953