L Program Committee


To provide a comprehensive educational program for the entire dressage community to learn about the equestrian discipline of dressage from the judge's point of view.


  1. Provide trainers, instructors, competitors and spectators' insight into the evaluative techniques of judging dressage.
  2. Prepare and evaluate candidates who wish to pursue entry into the USEF 'r' Judge Training Program.
  3. Provide continuing education for licensed judges and L graduates.
  4. Select and provide teaching materials to L faculty members.

2021 Objectives

  1. Continue to develop and enhance the USDF L Education Program website to supplement what is presented in the classroom setting and to provide continuing education for L graduates and USEF-licensed dressage judges.
  2. Work with the Judges Committee to carry on with “The Judge’s Box” in USDF Connection to further open communication and promote educational opportunities.
  3. Update the USDF L Education Program course material and website to reflect changes to the USEF dressage rules.
  4. Increase communication with competition managers to promote the importance of their support of the Part 2 sessions.
  5. Continue to support organizers in hosting L Education Programs.


Position Region Name & Email Phone Fax
Chair 8 Lois J. Yukins (978) 526-2452 (978) 526-9620
Liaison 2 Sharon A Vander Ziel (859) 971-7039
Member 1 Kathy M Rowse (757) 617-9505 (757) 255-0032
Member 1 Lisa K Schmidt (201) 981-1823 (201) 981-1823
Member 2 Maryal Barnett (517) 230-8707 (517) 272-7174
Member 2 Jayne E Ayers (414) 313-4146
Member 3 Marilyn Ogden Heath (941) 303-5603
Member 5 Dorie Vlatten-Schmitz (480) 580-0634 (480) 732-0144
Member 5 Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez (303) 263-0768
Member 5 Janet L Foy (719) 237-4067