FEI Youth Committee


To develop educational opportunities and international competition experiences for riders, ages 12-21, who ride at the FEI sanctioned Pony, Children, Junior and Young Rider levels.


  1. Select and provide teams for the North American Youth Championships (NAYC)
  2. Promote team spirit and competition among riders.
  3. Provide clinics and educational opportunities.


  1. Monitor the progression of FEI youth and their participation in the NAYC and the Festival of Champions.
  2. Help facilitate the anticipated addition of the Childrens division at NAYC in the future.
  3. Continue to identify clinic sites in response to demand.
  4. Oversee NAYC Program.
  5. Provide feedback on the NAYC qualifying calendar.
  6. Provide input into the NAYC selection procedures.
  7. Review and revise the NAYC Handbook and Guidelines for regional coordinators.
  8. Create guidelines for chefs d ’equipe.