USDF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Final Qualified Rider List

Riders listed below have obtained one score of 70% or higher from a Dressage Seat Equitation class at a USEF licensed/USDF recognized Dressage Competition.

Riders who have qualified for the Great American Insurance Group/USDF Regional Championship may participate in the Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Finals. A semi-final is held in each of the nine USDF regions. A list of riders qualified for the Regional Championships can be found HERE.

Click HERE for USDF Dressage Seat Equitation Semi-Finals Dates and Locations.

For more information, please refer to the Guidelines for Competitors.

1 Division: 13 & Under  14 - 18 

13 & Under Division

Region 2

Boehning, EllanorIN
Gramza, VivienneIL
Redman, HaileyMI

Region 3

Massey, CaitlynTN
Molten, CamilleSC

Region 4

Fruchterman, EllaMN

Region 5

Riddell, KaliAZ
Ukrainchuk, UlianaCO

Region 7

Hinnemann, JosephineCA
Pollack, EvanCA
Ragsdale, AlexisCA
Ragsdale, KatrinaCA

Region 8

Holloran, TessaMA

Region 9

Bowman, KaylinTX
Davis, MeaghanTX
Denny, KaseyTX
Theriot, CelestineTX