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By selecting and submitting this membership application, I understand I am applying for USDF Participating Membership for the year with which I designate on the application. I understand the effective dates of the membership year I have selected and the benefits associated with USDF Participating Membership.

I understand that USDF does not refund duplicate membership payments or payments made in error. Should I submit this application and already have a current USDF Participating Membership, I understand that this USDF Participating Membership will be applied to the following membership year.

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If you use the e-signature feature of this website, then you agree to conduct transactions with electronic records and electronic signatures instead of paper-based documents and signatures. You are under no obligation to transact business electronically. You may choose to simply download forms from this website and submit them via regular mail or facsimile.

By your use of the e-signature feature of this website, you represent and warrant without reservation that you have the legal right, power, and authority to agree to all terms contained in the electronic records on this website on behalf of yourself and the member on whose behalf you are acting, if different. You further agree that your use of the e-signature feature of this website constitutes an "electronic signature" as defined by the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act ("E-Sign") and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act ("UETA") and that you have formed, executed, entered into, accepted the terms of, and otherwise authenticated the terms specified herein for the use of the e-signature feature of this website. You further acknowledge and agree that proceeding to use the e-signature feature of this website constitutes your full agreement to all terms and conditions contained herein and that such agreement is an "electronic record" for purposes of E-Sign, UETA, and the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act and as such is completely valid, has legal effect, is enforceable, and is binding on, and non-refutable by you and the member on whose behalf you are acting, if different, as if it were any other duly executed paper contract.

By your use of the e-signature feature of this website you are deemed to have read every record and document before electronically signing same. If you do not understand any record or document, then you agree to communicate directly with an appropriate agent of the United States Dressage Federation ("USDF") concerning your understanding prior to your continued use of the e-signature feature of this website. By your use of the e-signature feature of this website, you consent to jurisdiction and venue in Fayette County, Commonwealth of Kentucky, for any dispute arising out of same, and you further agree that USDF shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys fees, including pre-litigation fees, for enforcement in any court of any of the terms and conditions contained herein.

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