USEF Rule Changes

As part of our ongoing effort to educate members, USDF is dedicated to making this rule page a resource for information on new rules, the rule proposal process, approval process, and other helpful information regarding rules affecting dressage.

All USDF members are encouraged to review active rule change proposals and provide feedback in the form provided on the USEF website.

Deadline for members to submit proposed rule changes to be considered by the Board of Directors at the 2018 US Equestrian Annual Meeting is June 1st. Deadline for committees and affiliates to submit a proposed rule change is September 1st.

Rule change proposal form

Official updates to legal equipment (effective June 1,2017) now available on the USEF website. View Annex A here.

Below is a list of rule changes that are effective 12/1/2017 and pertain to dressage riders. For a complete list of approved rule changes click here.

For current rules, refer to the USEF Rule Book.

Questions regarding USEF rules can be directed here.

Download the Complete List of Approved Rule Changes by Rule Reference
Tracking #Rule ReferenceDescriptionEffective DatePage #
312-16DR 126.3Requirements for Dressage Competition Management - Sound System for Freestyle Classes 12/1/2017261
314-16DR 129.6Musical Freestyle- sound system requirements12/1/2017263
318-16DR 135.17Pony Measurement - USDF clinics12/1/2017265
317-16DR 203.17Definitions- Stallion12/1/2017266
404-16GR 201Membership Requirements Farm/Business12/1/201717
216-16GR 202Membership - Discipline 12/1/201721
348-16GR 839Cruelty and Abuse12/1/201738
349-16GR 843Horse/Pony Collapse12/1/201743
347-16GR 844Mandatory Necropsy12/1/201746
381-16GR 845Safety Preparedness12/1/201751
371-16GR 1049.3Dressage Judge continuing education12/1/201788
373-16GR 1051Dressage Technical Delegates Continuing Education12/1/201790