Great American Insurance Group/ USDF Regional Championships Qualified Horse & Rider List (Preliminary)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can determine whether you have achieved the necessary scores to enter a regional championship by accessing a list of horse/rider combinations who have earned two “qualifying scores.” All “qualifying scores” must be the average of all judges officiating in a designated Great American/USDF qualifying class, at two different USEF/USDF licensed Dressage Competitions and from two different judges, panel of judges, or combination of judges.

Just select a type, level, and region to access the list. All competitors are personally responsible for knowing and adhering to all USDF and USEF eligibility requirements prior to competing. The requirements for both organizations must be met for both qualifiers and championships. Although USDF uses its best efforts to ensure that the scores are recorded correctly and calculations are accurate, USDF assumes no liability to anyone for any errors, omissions, or changes.

USDF will presume qualified horse/rider combinations will compete in the region in which the rider resides as determined by the address associated with the rider’s membership information on file as of July 1. Riders are NOT required to be a resident of the region to compete in that region’s championship. Riders, who wish to compete at Regional Championships in a region other than their region of residence, must submit a Change of Region Form, and $25 processing fee if done prior to July 1. After July 1, 2017 late fees will apply! Questions?

Type: Adult Amateurs  Freestyle  Open  Junior/Young Rider 

Region: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 

Region 1 States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Eastern West Virginia (Morgan, Berkeley, and Jefferson Counties)

Region 1 - Adult Amateur ( Training )

Rider NameNumberRider StateHorse NameNumber
Cynthia Acker15540PAShooting Star1123816
Stephanie McNutt16806MDFreestyler HRH1120139
Christina Dayton-Wall18025DEFinesse NF1094982
Christie Cherry Cifelli18695VaAll Decked Out1123442
Elizabeth Carr20121NCRegina H.L.1109673
Tricia Gregory20258NCHotel California1101255
Mari Jones20694SCDrastic Measures1123134
Lucy Tidd23478MDL'amour Fou1124402
Denise Potts28536NCTrebuchet1120608
Kathy Mathers30285VATokio1125918
Naomi Hudson32376MDTrevorran1124578
Naomi Hudson32376MDTrevorrick1124579
Amanda Anderson54811NCDante's Dream MF1035400
Cathy Dewsbury78326VAHanno1114826
Ruth Sigal78839NJBrando1105446
Susan Craft101653NCTatum1106038
Anne Buckman108869VAAF Free State1099951
Barbara Goshorn110806VAIn Good Faith1109630
Kristin Commers116974VAMr. Bill1119627
Alix Day130667MDSunny LS1084939
Linda Fellows149308NJDonna Z1123850
Lisa Langenhennig150430VAGalileo1122316
Karen Allred156467NCStargazer Lilly1075532
Leigh Kent-Scherzer157653ALInigo Montoya1124615
Jody Morse161768NCMai1091314
Kristin Chader-Bostick164726SCFox Paw's Red Baron1090479
Gretchen Arbeeny170700VAAbsalom1075760
Joan Howard171053NCBeaulieu's Casa Grande1122776
Elliot Goodzeit171390MDFor-Too-Itous1119236
Kelly Noland171790VATiffani's Pal1125148
Caroline Von Asten172252SCHope And Glory1128022
Valerie Cox172622SCNolles1123398
Genette McShane172964SCKingpin1102282
Jessica Mccaskill175072NCFilander1100817
Teena Middleton176491NCMusic Of My Heart1111615
Anne St. Martin184970NJEnlighteningh1118310
Andrea Deleon185195NCAmira1077637
Catherine Varettoni185838NJRiesling1116945
Deborah Hellen186643VAGalaxy1121725
Nancy Clendenin188025NCDaemara1096300
Sherri Dolan188527SCAbby's Angel1105642
Hannah Ong192068MDCMA Pop Tarrt1112485
Allison Hackett-Dorn194084NCPfzar HP1123168
Robin Floyd194296VAGallod Fair Lady1084844
Gail Warren196441NJZander Good Boy1126323
Karin Quayle198864NJPenobscot Bay43644
Leigh Haase199475NCKopieren1118968
Sarah Green202893NCLaudable VT1098686
Shanda King205391VASietze Fan De Klaster1123380
Laura Ferrante207132NJLyndon's Swan Song Of Telynor1126464
Kimberly Clark207475NCDuvaldez1116038
Lauren Kanarek208600NCSymphony1055279
Ginny Crawford208714SCBeringer1117624
Steve Hutzler208902NCDreyya1115073
Margaret Schneck209046SCSky Road1117555
Dana Foster210195NCAlexander The Great1118557
Anita Brassart210319MDLehnsritter's Legacy1096671
Gayle Novak210470SCAshlyn1119028
Jeanne Carty211335NJSNF Maarta1088145
Kevin Ester211594SCSumkindoftrouble1123729
Emily Melick212252VACF Renegade1124394
Katie Miller212305NCWildwynn Wesley1122170
Tiffany Pace212818NCBacon1123108
Cassandra Beutke213841NCOne Hot Rockstar1123280
Sharon Anderson213918SCSpartan's Swagman1117148
Amy Lukashewski214719NCSakura Hill Campai1124217
Total Riders: 66