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Logos & Ads

Welcome to USDF's Logos & Ads page. Here you will find USDF produced banners, advertisements, and other images for various publication formats. Any of the ads produced by USDF for its own programs may be downloaded and used in other publications free of charge. The ads must be used exactly as they appear.

The USDF logo may only be used with express permission and USDF must review any such use before publication. No one may use the USDF logo on merchandise or in any other capacity without the express consent of USDF.

In an effort to accommodate various printing needs, USDF has created two versions of most images: high-resolution, print-ready images and low-resolution, web-ready material. High-resolution images are usually larger, take longer to download, but are best when creating a physical document like a printed brochure or flyer. Low-resolution images are formatted for faster download and are recommended for use in any digital publications, including web pages and email distributions.

To request an ad in a different size, for permission to use the USDF logo or sponsor logos, or to tell us about downloading problems, send an email to